Prophet's (SAW) Advice

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said;

There shall come a time upon my ummah, upon my nation, upon the people who follow me, upon the ones who believe in me, the ones who call themselves Muslims and believers.
  • When their prayers will not be prayed correctly
  • When high buildings will spread in every place
  • When people will swear in the name of Allah a lot about everything without fulfilling their oath
  • People will curse each others a lot
  • Bribery and adultery will prevails
  • People will neglect the hereafter in order to buy the luxuries of this world in exchange for the hereafter
  • People will become materialistic
The Prophet (SAW) said :

• If you see this happening in your times then seek refuge, seek refuge, Find a solution to get away from all this, its not an easy solution but you need to get away from all this.

In other Hadith :

A man asked, O Prophet of Allah:

What is seeking refuge,How do i seek protection,What do you mean by that?

Prophet (SAW) gave an expression like that he said:

By adhering to your house and keeping your mouth shut and hold you tongue and hand from unlawful until death comes to you.

There is gonna come a time even worse than this, where a person becomes so much confused about what is happening in the world, deluded by everything they see and hear, that they will not know what to do?, where to go? who to stand with? except to stay away from all things and sit at home.


If we see in today's world, the conditions, the societies and the environment around us has become exactly what the Prophet (SAW) told in this hadith.

 We Muslims need to be aware of every kind of  'Fitnah', We need to worship Allah, We need to pray to him more and more, We need to look inside ourselves and think about which way we are going In order to protect ourselves from such massive 'Fitnah' around us.