God Will Take Care Of You

God Will Take Care Of You

If you are in need, if you are struggling with your finances, if you have something that you have prayed for, if you are asking God for some opportunities, if you are praying for favor, God will provide and he'll give it to you at his perfect timing.

Sometimes he'll give exactly what you asked for, sometimes he gives something better, but what thing that is for sure that he'll pour out the blessings you need, he'll sustain you, he is listening to you.

God knows what your heart wants.

If he was able to take good care of the birds in the sky, if he was able to provide food for wild creatures in the forest, if he eas able to sustain the plants here on earth, the he can possibly take good care of you.

So, if you think that God is not taking care of you, if you think that God is not listening to your prayers, if what you experienced right now is the exact opposite of what you prayed for than you need to remember that God ways are very much different, but he is always faithful.

He'll never leave you, so caste all your cares on him, stop worrying about your future, stop worrying about what you'll going to eat, stop worrying about your problems, increase your faith, don't stop hoping for the best, don't stop dreaming, don't stop praying.

Stop looking at your problems, seek first the kingdom of God instead, for in his word he promised that all these things shall be added unto you don't worry for tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry for itself.


The aim of this article is that you need to learn to trust God, he'll take good care of you, he'll always be there for you and your family, once you believe in God, Once you pray to him, he'll bless you with unexpected miracles in life, So keep praying, never lose hope, stay in love around and continue to bless his Holy name.