The Rich Beggar

The Rich Beggar True Story

Once there lived a man named Micheal with his wife. Micheal was a rich businessman, he had almost everything he wanted for his life, he was fond of buying good dresses, new goods for himself and his wife.

One day he was eating meal at his house with his wife, A Hungary beggar came to the door and begged for some bread. His wife asked him, Can we give some bread and meal to that beggar ? He said, OK give him, but at that time he made some ill remarks about the beggar.

"These people are sluggish, they don't do any hard work, they have become professional beggars, They should not be shown sympathy and our help encourages them to be beggar a profession, it makes them more greedy and don't live respectable life".

Soon after this treatment thing slowly started changing worst for Micheal day by day, First he started facing losses in his business and eventually it was ruined completely, then he had to sell his car to fulfill his household expanses, there came a time when he had to sell his wife's jewelry and all valuable things he once purchased, but all this didn't help him out to restart business and finally mortgage his house.

He wandered and was disheartened, he left his wife at her parents house because all his belongings had vanished, he finally found himself begging on the road side.

Now lets go to the tale of that hungry beggar who once knocked Micheal's door for bread, that poor beggar, John, whatever money he received from people or surroundings he used to save as much as he could, he managed to save enough to purchase a shop and started business of grocery, his business started thriving from the very first day and now he was a well known man.

One day he was eating meal at his house with his wife, and a beggar appeared at the door, his wife asked his permission to give some bread to the beggar, he very happily agreed and took out some money to give too. when he came to the door he was shocked to find Micheal's begging for bread, he felt piety over Micheal condition and misfortune, but he decided not to embarrass Micheal and remind him of how badly he had spoken to John long ago, Instead he give him more money and food and prayed that may God forgive Micheal's Sins and bestow his mercy on him.


Treat everyone with kindness, love & respect. Don't ever assume that your better days will last forever, anything can happen anytime and your conditions can change from better to worst in just a moment of time, it do lasts by helping the less fortunate ones, always be grateful for what you have in life.

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