Story of a Highway Robber

Story of a Highway Robber 

There was a highway robber, a thief, very famous at his times, he was in love with one girl and he had the habit of sneaking into her house someway and watching her, observing her for some time & in nights he would go and attack the caravans and travelers and he would strip them off their wealth or property, he was notorious to the extent that a lot of the caravans most of the time would change route to avoid that area.

One night he climbed up the wall of the house of the girl that he loves, he sneaked into the house and he was making his way into the house, someone was praying night prayer, someone was standing before Allah (SWT), reciting the following words of Quran,

"Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah "

These words shook him and wrapped his heart and he was moved deep inside, he started thinking about these words that he forgot the main reason why he came to this house and the only spontaneous response on his tongue at this time was,

  • "Indeed my Lord, the time has come!"

At that moment he changed & went out of that house roaming aimlessly, contemplating his life and his past his reputation and his future, he ended up with a group of people who gathered together on the way, they lit a fire they were travelers, strangers, he asked their permission to join them, he sat with them and they were disputing whether to spend the night there or to carry on their journey.

One of them said, we should stay here because there is that famous thief, that famous robber, that's his area & if we carry on traveling he might jump on us and we'll be in trouble, so let'us spend the night here and will set off in morning, the name of the robber they mentioned was the very person sitting with them.

As he heard all this, it made him think to himself, what did i do, that people fear me so much, what kind of curse i have become to humans that people even don't feel safe about their lives and property because of me, All of this made him questioning his life, them he made the decision that, I will change, its not someone else's responsibility to change me and set me on a right course, it my own initiative and if i don't take it, it might never happen and that will make consequences on day of judgement and that is exactly what he did and he became one of the famous scholars, one of the famous worshipers in the history of Islam.

And that's Al Fudayl Ibn Iyyadh.

He is the man who is known as Imam Al Haram, He is the man who is known as Shaykh Al Islam, Until today the books that talk about our relationship with Allah and how to purify ourselves, how to become better Muslims, better believers have dozens of his beautiful statements full of wisdom.


A man who was one day a thief, a famous one and changed into someone of such a high caliber, what does it tell us, what lesson can we take from this story ? that is our responsibility to change, Life in general is about change, Life is a game of change, think today, change yourselves today, so that you shall have no regrets later.

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