How to start a Business

How to start a Business

There are several principles for the people who want to start some work or a business of there own which should need to be adapted or to be worked on in order to start something of your own and make it a success in the market.

Here are they;

1 Go From Zero To One:

To understand this concept lets take an example, at times when people used to ride horses for transport or other purposes if you brought them something more comfortable thing like horse cart for more ease and efficiency that progress would be called "Zero to N", But on other hand if you brought them a car or a vehicles for much efficient and faster service it would be called progress from "Zero to 1".

So basically these are the two different concepts to be understood in the field of business.

If you want to become successful you have to be odd, you have to develop or start something new of your own, you have to go from " Zero to one" which may be called a vertical progress in other words, If you are copying and using the same ideas or ways of business available in the market from so many times then you are actually going from "Zero to N" which may be referred to " Horizontal Progress.

In the world to come no successful man will create another Microsoft or another social networking system like Facebook or search engine like Google, but every one coming will try something new of their own to place up and produce a big startup in the market.

2 Avoid Competition- Be A Monopoly:

Since its inception when a man step up in this world open his eyes, the competition starts. We are living in the society where competition is encouraged more, Where Children's are taught in schools to be competitive in every situation, likewise is happening in our household activities with neighbors and others.

But in actual it is something which is drowning us completely, In the area of business competition destroys you and your market, The more you compete with your opponents in the market the more loss will you face.

An american airline company made 160 billions with 37 cent profit per head, but at the same time there were competitions with other companies, they reduced rates somewhere to get more attractions, On the other hand Google a monopolic company made 50 billion with 21% profit because there were no competitions and comparisons with others, they made 100% more profit than airlines also nowadays google makes 3 times more profit than the airlines companies because it is monopolic.

So if you want a success in your field of business you have to create a monopoly of your product or services.

3 Start with Low & Then Dominate:

Amazon is an enormous online store where one can shop anything, they started the idea by book store slowly they progressed to huge online book store where every category was easily available to customers online, they made a "Zero to 1" move and succeeded over all kinds of book stores or shopping's, then they introduced other products and they dominated every market in no time.

Similarly PayPal wasn't introduced in start with the idea that everyone should start online payment system, but they started applying it with eBay and through checks system usage they moved the idea to PayPal online system of transferring and receiving money, after introducing this system to eBay, afterward they introduced it to common people so that everyone get access to and they dominated in there mission successfully.

Similarly in field of business if you want to become successful, first start with a very low something with a small group or a company of two or three people, solve the problems of small group and then slowly grow on through "Zero to 1" focus in mind.

 This is the way how you should start your business and these are the very principles application of through which you will definitely get success in market.

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