5 Advice's From Jibrael (AS) To Muhammad (SAW)

5 Advice's From Jibrael (AS) 

One day Jibrael (AS) came to the Prophet (SAW) and said 'Ya Muhammad' - 'O Muhammad'... Now by the way Allah doesn't say to the Prophet (SAW) 'Ya Muhammad' in Quran, It was 'O Prophet of God, O Messenger of Allah' etc, So when Jibrael calls this it means it is something outside of the capacity of revelation, What i am saying is from me Jibrael (AS) to you Muhammad (SAW).

'O Muhammad (SAW) - Five advice's here!
  • Live as you will but know that one day you are going to die.
  • Love whom you will but know that one day you will be separated from that person.
  • Do as you will and know that you will be compensated and rewarded accordingly.
  • Know that the nobility of the believer is his standing up and prayer at night.
  • The dignity of a believer is in that he is being independent of people.

These are some of the profound advice's, something we all can take to ourselves.

• As Jibrael says to Prophet (SAW), that Live in this world but at each and every breath remember the death, as it is in front of you, as this world is all temporary, don't fall is the love for things of his world and always make prepare yourself for the permanent life of the hereafter, the life after resurrection.

• Then he says, love whoever you can but not get so much attached to that love that it may distract you from the hereafter, love who you can just as far this world, do not fall in relationships and always remember that you are going to leave whatever or whoever you love or they'll leave you as it shows the worldly life is temporary.

• Then he says, do whatever you want to do, but keep this thing in mind that you will be accountable for it on day of judgement, anything you do in this life, just remember always that you are answerable for it to Allah (SWT), don't make it to this world, think properly and then act accordingly.

• Then he says, the strong believer is the one who stands up in prayers at night for the sake of the happiness of his Lord Allah, it defines his character and nobility when he alone stands to his lord when everyone else is sleeping, It strengthens his belief in Allah and give him morals, physical and social successes in life.

• Then he says, the dignity or the highness of a believer is in that he should be independent of people, he should not rely on other people, he should not be dependent on others, he should be a free man, he should be independent economically, personally, morally, ethically, socially etc.


So these were some profound advice's from Jibrael (AS), As all of them shows the temporariness of this world and the foreverness of the life of hereafter, we need to remember each and every single one if it, as it will keep us in touch with the remembrance of Allah (SWT) and the life of hereafter.

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