Story of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal

Story of Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal

Make Astaghfar a part of your everyday, Make as much Astaghfar as you can, because from the punishment of Allah all of us were given two safeties...

Allah says in Quran,

• "So long as O Prophet (PBUH) you are  amongst them, i will not punish them, And so long as they seek forgiveness, i will not punish them"

So the Prophet (PBUH) died and left.

So the only salvation left for us is now "Astaghfar" (seeking forgiveness).

Prophet (PBUH) said, i say Astaghfar more than hundred times a day.

Busy yourself with Astaghfar & make it a habit, Allah will open the doors of goodness upon you.

In times of Hassan Al Basri (A righteous man), he had some students, he was once busy with them & a man came and said "O shiekh" I have problems!

So he asked, whats your problems ?

So the man said, There is no rain in our land, darought has come, give me something to do ?

So, he said to him, "Increase the saying of Astaghfar".
The man thanked him and went.

The other man came, said " O shiekh" poverty has struck us, there is no income, no money?

So, he said to him, "Increase the saying of Astaghfar".
So, the man went.

His students are listening and watching to him.

Third person came, said " O shiekh", I dont have childrens?

So, he said to him, "Increase saying of Astaghfar".
And, he went.

So, his students asked, O shiekh, every person came with whatever problem, you have only one medication for all, what's going on ?

So, he said, Its from the Quran...

• "Make Astaghfar of Allah, Allah will send the sky down with helpful rain for you, He will bestow you with wealth and progeny and will make your gardens grow and arround it springs of water will come".

So make "Astaghfar" as much as you can!

• Amongst the scholars of the past, One of the famous ones is Ahmad Ibn Hanbal. It is said about him that no one served the religion after Abu Bakr (RA) more than Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.

I his days, for years he took imprisonmmet and house arrest, but he would'nt budge on his stance on religion. So his fame and reputation extended accross the muslims and everyone knew him, but nit every knew at that time that how he look like, his appearance, body or looks. Mostly people have not seen him but had heared about him alot.

• One day Imam Ahmad went on a travel from his city to another city, when he reached that city, night befell him & he was in a Mosque there, he was trying to sleep there because there were no hotels at that times to stay in.

So, the guard came to him and said get out of the masjid, so he said listen, i am a traveler i didnt have anywhere to go, i will just be here untill tommorow & then i will be on my way, the guard said, No, No, Get out.

So Ahmad Ibn Hanbal went and sat outside the door.
Can you imagine, this was the man when he used to walk, hundreds would be walking with him & they would kiss his head and hold hia books.

• He is sitting outside the door & the guard cameout again amd said, did'nt i told you to go. He said i am outside the Mosque, the guard said, No, No, get out of here. He dragged Imam Ahmaf Ibn Hanbal from leg unto the street until he left him out in the middle of a road, Beside the road there was a Baker, who saw him & comes to him and told come here and sleep in my bakery as i am working all night making breads.

So, Imam thanked him and went there amd laid down, but now he's watching the baker...

Everytime he makes a 'dough' he says "Astagfirullah""استغفراللہ" so all the night he saw this man saying "Astaghfar".

So, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal went to him and asked,
For how long you have been on this practice?
He said, For a long time.
Imam said, have you seen any benefits?
He said, I have realized that whatever " Dua" i ask, Allah grants me, except for one "Dua" he has'nt accepted.
Imam said, what "Dua" was this ?

• He said, I prayed that, ya Allah, let me see Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal? and so far i have not seem him.

• Imam said, "Subhanallah","سبحاناللہ", As he dragged me by my feet to come into your bakery, imagine out of city into his house (Mosque), out of his house into your bakery dragging me from feet and i was refusing. Simply because, that i could come and answer to your " Dua".

Subhanallah, سبحان اللہ

Allah says in Quran,

"And call upon me, i will respond to you".


Turn to Allah (SWT), As all of the answers to all your problems is only Allah (SWT), Your refuge from every dificulty is Allah (SWT), You'll find Allah (SWT) the most merciful and most kindest of all kind of this world.

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