How to walk your own path | How to discover the lone wolf

Do not walk someone else's path, Don't walk the path which appears to be your's but actually it is the society's ideal, Don't walk a path just because you fell into it, Don't walk a path which your parents have predestined for you.

Walk your own Path!

• If you want to try, Go all the way! otherwise don't even start, Go all the way, if it could mean the isolation, if it could mean not eating for three to four days, if it could mean losing relationships, all are the tests of your endurance of how much you really want to do it.

When things are tough, its okay to feel weak, its okay to cry, its okay to feel overwhelmed, there is simply nothing wrong with that, it means choosing your own path in a very conscious way.

We all have an inner silent wolf, if you seek to live a meaningful life, if you want to achieve our destiny, it is your job to listen to that inner wolf, that inner silent wild nature, walking your own path requires conscious choices in which you say, yes this path is meant for me,i can walk through it all the way & my soul really want it.

• They will hate you, their hatred will be perfect like a shinning diamond, like a knife, like a mountain, like a wolf, at some point in your life journey you have to embrace being a lone wolf, you have to go it alone, you have to ask the difficult questions and face the confronting truths which will alienate you from others.

Being a lone wolf means being a warrior, it means standing up for what you believe in, you will feel social unease, people will bring you down to their level, just keep moving forward you own path and remind yourself that it's no one place to dictate you of how your life should be like, except you.

Ask yourself ?

What i deeply and truly want, it is not just a question you ask just once this is a question you will continuously ask on your path, keep bring back focus on what you desire on deepest level, you path is not static its constantly changing, by repeatedly asking yourself this question you will be able to reinvent yourself, love yourself and be your own best friend.

• Strive to learn about yourself, your strengths, your weakness each and every day, self discovery and self understanding are tremendously important facts, hold your goal in mind and go on your own path, there will be a lot of failures and intimidating situations on this lonely way, but you have to see fear straight in the face.

Walking your own damn path and learning to being a lone wolf means that you finally have a freedom, your life is your making, your destiny is in your hands.

Walk your own path.

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