5 Pillars of Islam

A building can never stand without its pillars/ foundations. Every single pillar of the foundation is important in its own way & position in order to support the entire building. If any of the pillar of the building falls or gets damage the entire building may collapse. So the soundness and life of building is dependent in its foundations/Pillars/Supports.

In the same way, Islam is a tremendous building standing on its own Foundations/pillars. These pillars defines the life framework of a Muslim. These pillars are as follow,

  1. Deceleration of faith (Shahadah)
  2. Prayer (Salah)
  3. Fasting (Sawm)
  4. Paying Charity (Zakat)
  5. The Pilgrimage (Hajj)
1 Decleration of faith (Shahadah):

The deceleration of faith means "Bearing witness that there is no deity worthy of worship but Allah & that Muhammad (PBUH) is his servant & messenger".

First part implies that no object, person or human being has the right to be worshiped except Allah.

Allah means (One true God of all mankind & every existence).

Allah is alone the creator and sustainer of all the worlds & has power over all things.

Allah has no partner, equal, father, mother or son.

The Second part implies that Muhammad (PBUH) is the servant & last messenger of Allah.

He is the last one of all the messengers sent by Allah for guidance of human beings on right path.

Muhammad (PBUH) was sent with Quran by Allah in order to guide people on right track & teach them Islam and message of Allah.

• The Shahadah produces a high degree of self confidence, Strong determination, patience, perseverance, bravery, courage & dutifulness in a person. In the same way it makes a person obey Allah's commands.

It has been placed as a first and most Important/mandatory pillar of Islam, without this pillar one can never become a part of Islam or Muslim.
It is the very first step of becoming a Muslim or entering Islam.

2 Prayer (Salah):

Prayer is the worship which Muslims offers 5 times a day.
This is the second most mandatory step for being a Muslim.

• The Prophet (SAW) said "Prayer is the pillar of religion(Islam), whoever establishes it, establishes religion(Islam) & whoever destroys it, destroys religion(Islam).

Prayer has been given the most importance after Shahdah because it produces the spiritual and personal connection between the Muslim and his creator (Allah).

When a prayer is performed with sincerity, honesty, complete attention it produces variety of useful effects on a person, 

Prayer fills Muslims heart and entire soul with a strong belief, Sincerity, kindness, humanity & peace.

It can be offered in anywhere clean place, clean clothes with having a proper wudu (purification of body parts for prayer) which is made 5 times a day for any prayer. 

In prayer a person submits his worshiping & obedience to Allah and asks for their needs and wishes from Allah.

Muhammad (SAW) asked his companions "If one of you had a river by his door in which he bathed 5 times a day, would any filth remain on him? they said 'No', then Prophet (SAW) asked Likewise Allah wipes away sins with 5 daily prayers".

3 Fasting (Sawm):

Every year during the month of Ramadan Muslims fasts from dawn till sunset. Abstaining themselves from key human needs (Food, Drink, Sexual relations) and other sinful acts.

The fasting also requires obedience, determination and submitting oneself to Allah commands.

• Allah says in Quran "Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may attain piety".

• Allah says in Quran " Fasting is for me & i will give its reward".

• Prophet (SAW) said "He who fasts Ramadan with faith and hoping for reward from Allah, then his past sins are forgiven".

Fasting promotes Patience, self purification, health benefits, charity, sympathy with less fortunate ones. It purifies soul & restrains desires.

4 Zakat (Paying Charity):

The word Zakat means (to purify or to grow). By fulfilling this obligation Muslims purifies their wealth.

• Allah says in Quran "Those who establish the prayer and give the Zakat, these are the ones who will prosper"

Zakat is the prescribed charity which is an obligation on every Muslim under certain criteria of (eg. Maturity, having wealth).

A small portion of wealth which must be paid annually to those who eligible and prescribed in Quran (eg. the poor and needy people).

Muhammad (SAW) said "Allah has made Zakat obligatory simply to purify your remaining wealth".

• Zakat eradicates arrogance, greed & selfishness. It reduces gaps between the rich and poor in the society, It promotes equality and brotherhood in people. It reduces poverty in a society/country. It is a great way of prosperity.

5 Hajj (The Pilgrimage):

Pilgrimage to the holy place MAKKAH (The house (Ka'aba)) and other sacred places in Saudi Arabia must be performed at least Ones in persons life, if they are physically and financially capable.

• Allah says in Quran "And hajj to the holy house Ka'aba (In Makkah) is a duty that mankind owes to Allah, for those who can afford the expanses (eg. transportation, residence, provision etc).

Pilgrimage is to seek forgiveness of Allah and attain his closeness.

Pilgrimage is an annual event in 12th month of Islamic calendar (Dull Hijjah), which unifies people of all colors, races, tribes, countries, age or status as they join worship of One true God (Allah). All pilgrims wears simple and similar clothes so that all stand in equal to Allah.

Muhammad (SAW) said "whoever performed hajj and does not utter obscenities or commit sin, will come back just like the day when his mother bore him (pure of sins)".

• This contain following footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) as taught to us by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and many other components like sacrificing animals, visiting and praying in various sites, circulating the Ka'aba (Tawaaf), walking between two mountains as well as many others performed overs period of 6 days.

Hajj promotes patience, brotherhood, commitment and equality in Muslims.


All these 5 pillars of Islam are prescribed by Allah and every Muslim is required to believe and act according to it. All these pillars of Islam are mandatory to be in your life if you are a Muslim. The entire religion of Islam in standing upon them, holding up these pillars means holding up Islam, Letting down any of these pillars means letting down Islam.

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