Allah Almighty has blessed all his creation with unlimited & umprecedented amount of Favors & uncountable Blessings. It is not in the power or circle of imagination of a human being to imagine or count those blessings.

Regarding this Allah (SAW) had revealed a Surah (Chapter) named AL RAHMAN in the Holy Quran. In which the Ayah (Verse) of "Which of the favors/blessings of your lord would you deny" has been repeated consecutively after each examplary Ayah(Verse).

Major Blessings of Allah:

The Blessings of Almight Allah are uncountable but In this chapter Allah (SWT) had described some of the major Blessings of him and facts about that there is no God except Him.

Before going to that explanation, Let us come out of it and think for a while that 
who has created us, 
who has given us life, 
who has given us such a physique, who has given you eyes through which you see the world,
who has given you ears for hearing, who has given you brain & heart, 
who has given you hands, foot & legs, who has given you toung,
the teeth, the mouth, the face, the hairs and so on...

These are the major of all, because if you were not given life, the breath. How would it be possible for you to be in this world, Allah has given you a life, the most precious gift in the world, to see and think in his creations how he blessed you and to be thankful for what he has blessed you with. To obey him & to follow his path.

Allah says in Quran about,

• "And it is he (Allah) who produced you from one soul & gave you a place of dwelling & a storage. We have detailed the signs for people who understands".

The earth, The day & night, The sun & moon, The sky, the food we eat, the water we drink, the rain, trees, animals, mountains, oceans, rivers, seasons everything that he (Allah) has created for the benefits and ease of Mankind.

These all shows the Highness and Oneness of Almighty Allah, No one can run the system of earths and heavens except one Allah.

• Allah Says in Quran " Say O Muhammad (SAW) if the sea were ink and the trees were pens for writing the words (Blessings) of my Lord, Surely the sea would be exhausted & the trees would be finished before the words (Blessings) of my Lord would be finished even if we brought more seas and trees for its aid".

Verses from Al Rahman (Quran):

Some of the verses from Al Rahman (Chapter in Quran) are, 

• The most merciful, 
taught the Quran, 
created man 
& taught him eloquence, 
The sun and the moon move by precise calculation 
& the stars and trees prostrate 
& the heaven he raised and imposed the balance that you not transgress within the balance 
& establish weight in justice and do not make defecient the balance. 
The earth he laid for creatures, 
There in is fruits and palm trees havings sheats (of dates).

• He (Allah) is the lord of the two easts and the two wests, So which of the favors of your lord would you deny. 

• He released the two seas meeting side by side, between them is a barrier they never cross. So which of the favors of your lord would you deny.

• Out them comes pearls and corals. So which of the favors of your lord would you deny.

• And his are the ships sailing smoothly through the seas and lofty as mountains, So which of the favors of your lord would you deny.

• Everyone upon the earth will parish, Only your lord himself full of majesty and hinour will remain forever. So which of the favors of your lord would you deny.

• Whoever is within heavens and earth asks him, every day he bringing about matter, So which of the favors of your lord would you deny.

• O company of Jin and Mankind if you are able to pass beyond the regions of Heavens and Earth, then pass. You'll not pass except by authority from Allah. So which of the favors of your lord would you deny.

Think in the Creation of Allah:

There is one of the greatest name in names of Allah (AL HAKEEM) means the Most Wise. He has not created anything in vain, He created things for great reasons and for huge purposes. 

Those who knows them know them and those who donot know them not know them.

Allah says in Quran 

• "Varily in the creation of earth and heavens and in the alternation of day and night there are indeed signs for men of understanding".

• " It is "Allah who erected the heavens without pillars that you can see".

• " And I (Allah) created not the Jin and mankind except they should worship me alone".

• "And we not created the heavens and earth & all that is between them, for mere play"

Hence those who are Wise affirms that there is wisdom in Allah's creation and the disbelievers who donot think deny it.

• The more you think and ponder over the blessings, the creation and greatness of Allah the more you het closer to him, the more you get to know him.


Allah (SWT) is the creator and Lord of all the worlds and creatures. 

He has created the world for human beings to live in, to pray to him, to be grateful to him, to be thankful to his blessings. 

He has created so much blessings for his servants in this world so that they get benefits from it, 

He fed both the rich and poor, He is the best of givers, He brings rain, cold winds, the winter after the summer, the spring after the autumn. He is the controller of the system of day and night, And the sun and moon in a specific way, 

He is the most merciful and most beneficial to all creatures and mankind. 

He has given the Mankind the value, the degree of the most High and most precious of all the creatures on earth.

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