Education is the process of learning and acquiring knowledge, skills, habits (etc) through teaching, stories, practicle life & discussion is normally known as education.

Education is a thing by which you can distinguish between the right and wrong, the good and bad.

There are different forms of education through which an individual pass in life, from the very low to higher level & through life experiences.

Here are the types of education to be discussed.

1 Formal Education:

It is basically the school or institutions based education composing of a definit structure, proper uniform setup, timing, decipline, rules & regulations.

Here different subjects are taught to the students or learners based on a specific syllabus.

The students are provided or rewarded with certificates or digree at the end of its specific tenure of several years in this type of education.

This is normally the nursery or primary level schooling system education where normally childrens are sent to by parents for getting education.

Advantages of Formal Education:

  1. It provides a well recognized and organized certificate or digree.
  2. It make the learners able to get job.
  3. Knowledge is provided from trained and proffesional teachers.
  4. Different assesments / Exams are made durring an year for checking outcome of students.
Disadvantages of Formal Education:

  1. Sometimes bad habits are promoted in students through presence of some bad students in class.
  2. There are some unstandard and nonprofessional institutions that may waste time of students.
  3. It is normally costly compare to other types of education.
2 Informal Education:

It is the type of education which is not concerned to be gained in an institution or any sort of school or college.

It is the knowlege you gain from parents at homes, from a book reading, from internet websites.

There are no efforts involved in it, there is no fixed timetable or routine, there is no proper rules or regulations in it.

This type of education normally comes from life experiences.

Advantages of Informal Education:

  1. There is no need to pay fee to a teacher or mentor foe getting education.
  2. There is no fixed timing system, saves time.
  3. Not costly, easily available.
  4. Different types of learning and experiences are gained from friends, parents and books.
Disadvantages of Informal Education:

  1. Sometimes the information you get from Tv, internet, friend etc, may lead to disinformation.
  2. No proper scheduling may lead to losing of knowledge already gained.
  3. There is no decipline, attitude and proper habits.
3 Non Formal Education:

This type is based on long term and comes from life experiences, work, surrounding environment and sometimes home.

This is a practicle type of education which develops in life through developing different programs, social works or businesses in your surrounding.

Advantages of Non Formal Education:

  1. Different techniques, skills and experiences are learned.
  2. Self learning of an individual is enhanced.
  3. No need of certificates, digrees or awards.
  4. There is no examinations system.

Disadvantages of Non Formal Education:

  1. Proper presence for leaning a skill or work is not maintained.
  2. Reading and writing skills are not learned in such system.
  3. There are no professional mentors / trainers.
  4. Some institutions may provide you fake certificates.
These were the three main types of education.

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