A man by the name of Micheal Hart who was a contemporary historian and mathematician gathered other historians and biographers & they said let us compile the list of the 100 most profound human beings in history. They set 32 different categories on the basis of which to produce these influential people.

Micheal Hart placed MUHAMMAD (PBUH) on the top of his list because categorically he earned that position & you know what Micheal Hart said,

He said I would have chosen JESUS CHRIST (PBUH) because he was a christian but there were several categories honestly i didn't chosen him,

JESUS CHRIST (PBUH) was not a Father, MUHAMMAD (PBUH) he was.

JESUS CHRIST (PBUH) was not a Husband, MUHAMMAD (PBUH) he was.

JESUS CHRIST (PBUH) was not a Statesman, MUHAMMAD (PBUH) he was.

JESUS CHRIST (PBUH) was not a Warrior, MUHAMMAD (PBUH) he was.

JESUS CHRIST (PBUH) was not a Ruler, MUHAMMAD (PBUH) he was.

So Micheal Hart and his other collaborators said "The greatest human being that has impacted history and all the annals of documented history it had to be MUHAMMAD (PBUH).

Non Muslims Views about Muhammad (PBUH):

Micheal Hart said " My choice is MUHAMMAD (PBUH) to lead the list of the worlds most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, But he was only man in history who was supremely successful over all the religious and secular levels".

George Bernard Shaw said "If a man like MUHAMMAD (PBUH) were to assume the ruler ship and dictatorship of modern world, He would succeed in solving its problem that would bring it much needed peace and happiness.

There are a lot of such more statements that you'll find on internet, books, newspapers magazines about MUHAMMAD (PBUH) and his message.

Who was Muhammad (PBUH)?

MUHAMMAD (PBUH) was the last Messenger of ALLAH (SWT), He was born in Makkah, His father died before his birth, He was brought up by his uncle. He didn't spoke a useless talk or lie in his entire life, He was called Sadiq and Ameen (Honest & Trustworthy) in his very young age.

At the age of 40 first revelation comes to him from ALLAH (SWT) through Angel Jebrael. After that he started spreading the message of ALLAH (SWT). He faced a lot of opposition & unparalleled resistance in his way from Mushrikeen (The non Believers) The enemies of Islam. He was driven out of Makkah, He had to flee, He was persecuted, His followers were killed, ALLAH (SWT) ordered him migrate to Madina. He migrated & started spreading his message to people, He never stopped. They were very few, Slowly & gradually they increase in numbers, He fought & lead many of the battles against the enemies of Islam. But ALLAH (SWT) allows him to come back to Makkah after 23 years as Victor, as Conqueror, when he came back he gives everyone amnesty. Such was his character.
After that he spread Islam throughout Arabia so that Islam established as State, as a government. 

MUHAMMAD (PBUH) as Ruler & Leader:

He was a ruler but still was eating, dressing and drinking the same way as he was doing as he was born and as the way he grew up.
He was the Messenger of ALLAH (SWT), 
He was Just and Fair, 
He was a kind ruler, 
He was a honest Leader, 
He didn't give to his family, 
He didn't distributed to his friends, 
He didn't made judgement for those who he liked and didn't against those who he dislike.

His quality and examplary leadership lead the muslims of backward society living in harsh desert climates to the level of state, governament and empires in the world.

The holy Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH) never in his life did he ever lift his hand to hit a human being ever, not a servant, not a wife, not a child, not a friend, not an enemy except when enemy was opposing ALLAH (SWT). 

MUHAMMAD (PBUH) as A Warrior:

When the companions of the prophet (PBUH) used to look for him in the battlefield, they said we always found him in the middle of the enemies fighting and they said we used to seek protection of ourselves by hiding behind MUHAMMAD (PBUH), 

He was such a brave warrior, statesman commanding the troops in a proper way durring battles and fighting fearlessly in the way of ALLAH (SWT).

He fought the battles even in the conditions of fasting of (Ramadan), He always used to lead from the front.

But once he was off the field his eyes were always downcast, he was speaking softly, he was gentle, he was caring & loving to all.

MUHAMMAD (PBUH) Day & Night Activities:

MUHAMMAD (PBUH) was also doing across the day, Offering prayers, Feeding the poor, Visiting the sick, Discharging armies, fighting the battles, Giving the rulings, Explaining the Quran, Adressing his people, Giving Zakat, Sewing his own clothes, Watching his house, Shopping for the food and at Night standing in prayer for 4 to 5 hours at a time,

How could a man do all of that ?
What kind of human being could that be ?

It was a messenger,
It was a prophet,
It was a man with message,
He was sent with an irrefutable truth,
He was a Mercy to mankind

"And we have not sent you (O MUHAMMAD (PBUH), except as a mercy to the worlds" - Quran (21:107)

He was the best example to follow,

"And Indeed you are of a great moral character" - Quran (68:4)

He was victorious over all the systems,
He was created on an exalted standard.

Message of MUHAMMAD (PBUH):

His message was to call humanity to the worshipping of the creator (Allah), To spread oneness of God (Allah) Tauheed in the world, To spread manners, ethics, Quranic principles in the people, To end injustices on earth, To defend the opressed, To stand for the right & truth, To create awareness about the distruction of those in past who did'nt believed in ALLAH (SWT), To spread the knowledge of Islam on Globe & to establish, to create a character a paradigm of human conduct for human beings to follow.
If you see, read Quran you'll find that holy message on each and every single page.

There is no person in history that can compare with MUHAMMAD (PBUH).

A Humble Advice:

To the non-muslims i say, go home and read about MUHAMMAD (PBUH) if you are not afraid of change because if you read about this man there is a chance that the love and respect for this man will come in to your life, into your heart, into your mind, into your home, into your family & you may also want to be a follower of MUHAMMAD (PBUH) and if you do so you will benefit your ownselves. 

So in the end i invite everyone to embrace and to respect MUHAMMAD (PBUH).

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