The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that on the day of judgement people will rise, they will be miserable, they will be sad, they would have lost hope.

Then the Prophet (PBUH) said this long hadith,

"The people will gather arround each others and they'll begin to question, What is going to happen to us ? And so they'll remember the prophets & they'll say lets go to the prophets lets ask them to intercede for us. So that Allah (SWT) can begin the accountability.

So prophet (PBUH) said i had a dua here which i kept, The dua upon which every prophet before was given which asked for & my dua is "O Allah, save my Ummah on the day of judgement".

He said people will go to ADAM (AS) & they'll ask him, O ADAM (AS) you are the father of all mankind, please Intercede for us. ADAM (AS) will say 'go away from me, please go away from me, today my lord is in the state of anger which he never been angry like before, go to the one who is after me'.

So they'll go to NUH (AS) & will say o NUH (AS) you are the second father of mankind, please intercede for us, NUH (AS) will say 'go away from me please go away from me, I am in the same state like you, go to the one after me'.

So they'll go to the next prophet and so on & they'll will IBRAHIM (AS) & he will also respond in the same way 'go to the one after me'.

So they'll go from prophet to prophet, they'll come to MUSA (AS), he'll respond the same way.

So they'll come to ISA (AS) he'll respond in the same way & will say 'The people took me as GOD as today iam not qualified to face my lord, how will answer this to my Lord, go to the one after me'.

And Finally they'll reach MUHAMMAD (PBUH) he said this is what i have been favored with on that day, that i will be given intercession for you people & the only intercession i will be given will be for my Ummah (only those who followed me) & as for rest of the nations they will go to their prophets.

He says people when they will come to me & will ask for intercession & i'll prostrate to my lord such a prostration, so prolonged, only Allah knows how long & i'll call to Allah in such a Dua that i have never called before in my life & them my Ummah will prostrate behind me.

And on that day Allah (SWT) will reveal AL SAAKH, which is something only Allah knows about it, And muslims will see it.

Allah says the hypocrates, the disbelievers will not be able to prostrate.

And the Hadith says, Allah will decend on that day, Allah says in Quran on that day your Lord and angels will come & Allah's throne would be brought, 8 angels will brought the throne & hadith says these angels will be so humangous that it'll take 300 years for a person to reach between their shoulders .

Prophet (SAW) says on that day the sky that we see compare to 2nd will be like a ring thrown into a desert & 2nd compare 3rd will be like a ring thrown into a desert & so on till 7th, the 7th compare to throne of Allah (SWT) will ne like a drop in the ocean.

And then Allah will say O MUHAMMAD (SAW) lift your head & ask for anything you want, i will give you, The prophet (SAW) will lift his head and will say O my Lord...

"Save my nation", " Save my nation"

And the holy prophet (SAW) will know his Ummah (Nation) on that day, how ? Prophet (SAW) said follow my Sunnah (way) and sttick to it, I'll ne waiting for you at a fountain on that day & will call you to come & drink from it & a drink tgat you'll never ever be thirsty after it again.

Before prophet (SAW) died he visited to graveyard of Shuhada (The martyred) and he make dua for them, And then he said...

• I only thing i will miss is of not seeing my bretherns, A Sahabi asked O Prophet (SAW) or we mot your bretherns, look we are here with you, He said 'yes you are my companioms and brotherns, but the brotherns i am talking about are not are, They are the one who believed in me & followed me, But never saw me, never met me, (The nation of prophet (PBUH) after him), He said i am going to meet them on the day of judgement, The sahabi said how will you know them as you have never seem them, Prophet (SAW) said its easy 'if i say you there are horses all black amd some of them are striped with white, would'nt you diffrentiate. My nation will come to me striped with the NOOR (Special Light) on their bodies, this will be because of they used to offer prayers, their wudu (purifying self for prayer). The sahabi said who ever wants to drink from the fountain of prophet (PBUH) make your WUDU better, extend it.

So after intercession people will go to that fountain, the angels will stop some of them & prophet (SAW) will say they are from my Ummah, Allah wi say 'they changed after you, they changed your sunnah after you, they made innovations in Islam, Prophet (SAW) will be sorrowed & will say "Hell fire" for those who changed my way after me.

So those who believed in Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) and followed his Sunnah the holy Quran & its teachings, So they will be all interceded on that day.

• May Allah (SWT) protect us on the day of judgemnet. AAMEEN.

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