Work for a cause not for Applause

Our lives are build up by our own perceptions & deeds. Human beings always have expectations.

Expectation for beinh rewarded, applaused or being treated well.

People needs to be applaused for their contributions to be encouraged In order to continue the good work.

Some times people feels that they dont get any rewards for all their work & struggles in life which they have shown to the world around them. 

The think that they are not appreciated for their deeds in society & they sometimes sit, lose hope and stop making further contributions.

The Law of Nature:

There is always the law of nature.

God is always looking upon you & will always reward you for your acts. if no matter they are good or bad.

There is simply nothing to be worried or discouraged about or lose hope.

These all just come in our toughts that we are not rewarded or applaused.

Everything is returned back, but on a suitable time, and good deeds and works are always returned in abundance & from unaspected ways.

Sometimes it doesn’t come back directly to you but to your loved ones, your family or even generations to come because its a natural law.

Keep doing the good work, always be positive & kind to people, not for a reward or any applause but with a good heart & for a good cause. 

Live life to express not to impress. Good deeds will surely come back in unexpected ways.

How to work for Cause:

  • To have faith in God & belief in ourselves.
  • Always Move on with positive mind.
  • Never to be afraid of failure.
  • Never give up on bringing positive energies to peoples life.
  • Dont focus on what people say about you cause & your role.

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