Let me tell you a story,

An old woman once told her grandson a story about how we all have two wolves that live inside us constantly battling one another.

• One of the wolves is jealous having envy inside, is malicious & scarcitic mindset.

According to this wolf every in world is wrong and unpleasant, he believes that people are bad, things are not good in world, As nothing good ever happens for that wolf because of having negative thinking in everything, he always see things like a "glass half empty".

• Then she told her grandson that you also have a good & powerful wolf inside you, this wolf have empathy, love, compassion, positivity & know it can achieve anything. This wolf sees the bright side of everything & always see things like a "glass half full" & son this wolf can take to amazing places.

Then the grandson asks "well, Then which wolf wins the battle, grandma ?"

• She replies "The one you feed, grandson, the one you feed".

I actually loved this story beacuse it is applicable to our lives. we all have the bad wolf, a villain. But we also have a hero wolf waiting to be released, one's this hidden hero is exposed it distroys the villain inside us.

• Once its distroyed, then u cant even imagine how much can you achieve in your life.

• So its all upon you " which side are you giving a hand".

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