What are the things you can control in Life ?

Everyone of us have potential to make the following things in control in our life.

1 Your Beliefs;
Controlling your beliefs is your positive & most useful quality, as you learn to manage believing in yourself, your dreams or your work & develop positive beliefs in your life. You will take a control through as time passes.

2 Your Thoughts;

Thoughts plays important role in the stability & functioning of your mind, as you are in power to handle the developing of good or bad thoughts.

3 Your Honesty;

You have the power to make control of how you play in the society, your honesty is reflecting from your deeds, so beware you have a good control as honesty eradicate evils from life.

4 Your Friends; 

Friends plays a vital role in everyone life.

A wise person ones said 'show me your friends & i will show you how successful you are'

Its reflects the idea that if you are going with friends having goals, dreams, honest souls and positive thoughts you'll be that way.

If you choose the bad ones, the time wasters & the uneducated ones you'll be that way.

5 The Books You Read;

You are in control of choosing what you choose for yourself to read, either to enhance your knowledge or just you keep it for showcasing.

6 How much you exercise?

if you are fit you can go out & do whatever you want to achieve.

Exercise means your body fitness, you are in control of your health & physical fitness.

7 The Type of food you eat?

The type or the quality of food you eat determines your health, appearance, physical fitness & mind strenght.

Make sure you are good here.

8 How much risk you take?

Controlling the risk you take at times.

when to go risky? when to go defensive in life?

Its all determined by you.

9 How kind you are?

It is determined from your deeds and acts in society.

The way you behaves & take on people in your in a important determinant.

Its dependent on you, if  you show kindness from your deeds to those who need it or you go with your ego.

10 How you handle situations?

It covers how you leads good and bad times in your life.

You can either give up or take the charge to lead from the front in bad or good situations in your life.

11 How much you say "I love you"?

It refers to where, when & to whom you show your inner loving feeling to.

You are in charge how to & how much love yourself  the loving ones, the meterialistic things or types people in your life.

12 How much you say " Thank you"?

Here you show your control of being thankful.

It means the quantity of showing your thankfulness to God, family, friends, work, failures or any other thing in life.

13 How you express your feelings?

You are in control of showing your feelings.

It determines your attitude & behavior.

14 Whether you ask for help or not?

It means that whether you ask for help in bad times like financial problems, family problems, work problems etc. or you help others in their similar conditions.

15 How much you appreciate things you have?

Being thankful of thanking and appreciating things you have or you are achieving makes you more successful.

Hence whether you appreciate moments, people, things or not is dependent on you.

16 How much happy you feel?

Happiness is key to prosperous and successful life.

You are in control of your emotions.

How to convert bad situations into happier ones depends on your mindset & struggle.

17 The amount of your effort in work?

How much you work a day, you waste the day or you make something out of it is completely in your hands.

With your hard work you can change your destiny or by wasting the opportunities you are left of no where.

18 How you spend & invest money?

How to invest money shows your financial stability & power.

Controlling the idea to play safe and profitable in the market leads you to financial successes.

If you don't know financial education or how to invest money, you remains poor and poorer throughout your life.

19 How much you worry?

If you worry about things in life, If it is less or more in amount, then you are just wasting yourself.

Worrying leads you to giving up on your dreams.

If you accept no worry, go out every where in your life for yourself and your cause then you become just unstoppable.

20 How much you think about past?

Living in the past makes your life ruined.

When you live in the thoughts of past life, you can never ever move to growth or success.

It completely makes you stuck there & add rust to your life.

If you go out of it & don't let your mind think of it, then you go  your way forward, go after your new goals & dreams your becomes free, independent & most importantly happy in life.

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