It is unfortunate when something goes wrong in life, People always question about why it happened ? who's fault it was ? & why me ?

Train your mind to be solution oriented, Lets take a simplest example,

What happens when a glass of milk spills ? yes you can obsess and say How did that fall ? who made it fall ? will it stain the floor ? will it smell or think something like why always me ?

But someone with a solution oriented thought will simply get a towel, pick up the glass & get a new glass of milk.
Use your energy wisely, learn from your mistakes & move on with solutions for those mistakes.

Develop a habit that when things goes wrong, Immediately ask yourself, how do i fix It ? what step can i take right now to lessen the demage ?

Make it a habit to put all of your energy into solution. Not on why it happened & who's to blame. always think of making solutions for mistakes, not of problems.

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