Poor Mentality vs Rich Mentality

Financially there are two mentalities, Two different minds which i will discuss, The one is poor and other is rich.

These are as follow;

1 Poor Mentality:

In poor mentality achievements or success keeps no meaning, means mentally poor consider success as not important.

• This mentality thinks low & always blames others for his failures & mistakes.

• Mentally poor people always use to spend money, they do not invest even a little in something.

• They usually don't get education, avoids studies and learning environments.

• Mentally poor always stuck in the past, they don't want to come out of it, they don't try new things.

• They are driven by their income, mentally poor always runs after income.

• They think low, they cant imagine big things, if you told them of big things & dreams they make a joke of it.

• They are afraid of change, they don't want big changes, mentally poor just get rid of current time & don't aspect any future change.

• These mentalities always criticizes people and things. Mentally poor minds are full of discussing people and small things, they cant afford to discuss ideas.

• Mentally poor wastes their precious time in unnecessary activities, they don't make positive use of their strengths and talents.

• They creates problems where ever they go, as these minds have no education and art of thinking in it.

• They always depends upon a single source of income, they don't invest in different places for financial growth.

• They are driven by work, they work to get income for managing their needs.

2 Rich Mentality:

• Rich mentalities consider success as main obligation in life. they use there energy & time to achieve great goals.

• These are responsible people and they don't blame others for their own failures. They learn from their mistakes and analyze it.

• They always invest money in different places due to which their sources of income increases.

• They always focus on reading & getting quality education. they know financial education and its application in daily life.

• They don't live in past, these mentalities have focus on future dreams.

• Mentally rich are driven by net worth not on income. Money work for them, they don't work for money.

• They always thinks big as they are educated and nourished minded. they creates great ideas & work to achieve it.

• They embrace or accept change, they are not afraid of changing situations in their life.

• They always do compliments, they don't criticize as they have big thinking mentalities.

• They don't waste time, they buy time for themselves and make a good use out of it.

• Instead of creating problems they are always there to solve problems, they find out different solutions to problems.

• They have multiple sources of income as they invest their money in different trades.

• These mentalities are driven by goals, They sets goals for themselves and work for the accomplishment of it.

There were some of the main differences between a rich & poor mentalities.

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