Paradise In Islam

The hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) mentioned that the last person to enter the (Jannah) paradise will be the person who will be in Hell fire (Jahannam).

May Allah protect you and me from (Jahannam) Hell fire. Aameen!

So this man will walk a step & fall a step & fire burn him a step, Every step he takes he falls on his face & fire burns him & he screams in agony.

So he says, Ya Allah release me from this, free me from this fire, Its flames have burnt me & he complains to Allah (SWT).

So Allah tells him, if i release you from fire. Do you promise not to ask for anything more? 

So he says I swear by your honor ya Allah. you take me out of here i will never ask for another thing.

So Allah takes him out of (Jahannam) the hell fire & when he comes out of it, he looks back towards it & he says...

Glory is to the one who saved me from this, Not another person. So in his mind there is nothing, no one is more favored than him, this is Jannah for him.

So then Allah (SWT) orders for a tree to come out in front of him & a spring of water, So he is at the gate of (Jahannam) & he Sees water & understands there is no water in (Jahannam).

So he asks for water but he has promised of not asking anything... So he says o Allah, Take me close to that tree & water so that i might sit under its shade & drink from its water.

So, Allah (SWT) says, O son of Adam? How would you break your words? Didn't you promised that you wouldn't ask for anything anymore?

So he has no patience & there is no way to hold himself back from it. So Allah (SWT) allows him. As he swear again that he would never for anything anymore.

So, When he goes under shade & drinks water from, Another tree bigger & better grows in front of him near gates of (Jannah) with stream flowing in front of him.

So, he says O Allah bring me close to this. Allah says, o son of Adam How you break your word? Didn't you promise?

So, he says now its not an ordinary promise, I swear by you honor ya Rabb (Allah). I wont ask for anything more.

So, Allah takes him to the tree, As he sit and enjoys the water and shade of tree. He look and now he see inside (Jannah) & his heart longs for it.

Imagine: The pebbles of Jannah are JEWELS, RUBIES & EMERALDS, Its cement is MUSK, Its bricks are GOLD & SILVER. The trunk of its trees are of GOLD & Its shades would last for hundreds of years for a rider to ride under it.

So he says, O Allah enter me into (Jannah). Allah says O son of Adam, How you break your word? You promised!

So he says, ya Rabb (Allah) enter me into there and i wont ask for anything else.

So Allah says enter (Jannah), when he enters all places are taken because he is late to enter.

So he says o Allah where do i go? Allah says O my Servant, what if i give you the size of kingdom of one of the king of World (Dunya)?

So he says O Allah, you are making fun of me & you are the Lord of all the Worlds, you are mocking me & I'm nothing.

While narrating this point the (Sahabi) laughed, they asked why did you laughed, he said because Prophet of Allah laughed, they asked why did Prophet (PBUH) laughed, He said because Allah (SWT) laughed when that person said this.

In other hadith, What if i give you a place of the size of earth,

so for you is that granted, Size of one of the great kingdom or Size of earth & another like it, another like it, another like it, another like it! & when Allah reaches the fifth one the man says o Allah I am satisfied! I am satisfied!

This is the reward for the last person to enter (Jannah).

One of the companions of prophet (SAW) sitting & listening this said that 'I swear, Prophet (SAW) told that for you will be that & ten times of it.

All the praises to Allah! Indeed Allah (SWT) is the Lord & Creator of all the Worlds & all Creations.

Lesson from the Hadith:

This hadith conveys the idea that even for those who will be in Jahannam (The Hell Fire) Allah will be so merciful to, that he will bless them with so much.

Than Imagine how much will those be blessed who are the true believers of Allah (SAW) & his Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Who prays to Him, Who follow his pathway, Quran & rulings of Allah (SAW).

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