Knowledge is Power | Learning

It is said that, Knowledge Is Power!

How ? Lets take a look at two examples.

Being Educated:

When a child is born, after growing a little he is sent to school or any education center near in order that he should grow up as a good person in the society.

In school he came across with different subjects, ethical lessons, life lesson storieals and other healthy activities. 

As by time the child grows up knowing about a lot of things, his mind grows & nourish by time as he step to College level, than University level. All he get is education.

After all these he knows about a lot of experiences & things in surrounding life. He serves his people, home, village & country through his knowledge.

Being Illitrate:

On other hand if one's child is not given proper education in society, if he's left not to be properly looked at by parents.

 That child grows in the evils of society, this child lacks morals, ethics & education. He doesn't know how to respect elders & how to meet or act in society. 

His life gets ruined by time, No one respect such child or person then & even such child becomes embarrassment for parents.

Lesson from Education:

It is said that education is power & it is a hundred percent true fact.

Education brings learning different aspects of life & different lessons.

Education brings you knowledge which let you come across with different catagories of people in life.

It gives you every thing you want in life, You can rule the world through your knowledge.

How to get Knowledge:

It is really necessary to get knowledge & educate yourself & your children's, 

When a question about a certain topic arise, go learn about it, ask people, ask your teacher, go to school, college or university, or even simply google it.

Watch different movies & documentaries based on life lessons & knowledge.

When something sparks your interest, read about it, read read & read.

Study, learn & always stimulate your brain.

Don't just rely on the school, college, university system.

When an idea develops in your mind, search it, discover new things about it, work on it, that true education you give yourself.

In this modern era you can learn bundles of things daily, there is every facility available, Internet, smart phones, google, laptops etc make a best possible & fruitful use of these tools to nourish your soul & brain daily.


So, never stop learning,

Educate yourself, because

Knowledge is Power. A power which remains with you in all good & bad conditions. A power that makes you powerful to win over any condition in Life.

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