Job vs Business

After getting graduations around the world people often go out in search of jobs in order to get settle their financial lives.

But the question arise here is, Why job?

Why not business?

These are most important things we need to decide in life.

Here is the comprehension to these terms.

1 Job:

When you get graduation from any level & you do decide to start a job, Let say you got a job in some company with a good salary.

• Now if you look, you take salary at the end or start of each month on regular basis, upon which you fulfill out your expanses & support family needs etc.

• You also face illness, family problems, various other accidents in life, There are always distresses here.

• What if the job is gone?

• What would you do then ? Will you search for another job?

• From where will you support your family expanses at that time?

• These are disadvantages we face while doing jobs for others.

• The job you any where do, you do it always for benefit of others means (Company, organization) etc, not for yourself.

What you need to ask yourself is that...

• If you've done graduations or degrees for others advantage?

• Is these were your dreams all about?

• If not, then why not you start your own business.

• Remember that your dreams vanish when you do work for others.

• You are not independent, your life is bounded, you are not financially fit here.

2 Business:

• When you come to business, It something completely yours, there are some risks and threats in it, but it is comfortable and easy way of making money & living a beautiful tension free life.

But How ?

• When you start your business, let say from a very low level, let say you buy a shop some where in a market. 

Then you'll constantly grow it by time, You'll make different investment in different places, Then you'll buy a market, Then you'll grow much more ahead as you go through these.

• You'll learn the art of making money in business.

• In business you have no worries like as that of a job, you have no worry of losing, because business is all yours, you are the owner of it, if it can fall, it would rise the other day simultaneously.

• Similarly you have no dis comfortableness, distresses here.

• Your dreams are alive here & it grows day by day as you move on in your business.

• Your life will be completely independent & You'll be financially fit here.

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