Well ! Thats a good question. With internet become necessity every where majority of people spend most of their time on social media sites. 

Also the rise in popularity of smart phones has also attracted people to using social media.

With advanced smart phones, it has become so easy you dont must need a PC or Laptop to run social media activities.

What is Social Media?

It is a web 2.0 & a new and innovative way of getting sharing one's views, informations, daily activities across to others in an interactive platform. The term interactive platform means Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

The question is that (Is social media important) ?

I would say, Yes, ofcourse it is.
Here are some reasons.

Importance of Social Media:

1 Delievery of News:
Gone are the days when you go out & buy a newspaper, nowadays every kind of news information are available on social media & internet. The new generation has seen a drop in reading newspaper. High number of people prefer to use social media profiles as source of getting people views, information & daily updates & affairs.

2 For Business:
It is quite complicated to go out and set up an office & then start your business, Nowadays you can make a page on your Facebook & easily buy or sell things according to your business, which is good for awareness about your goods & spreading your business.

3 For Education:

There are many apps and sites where you can go and learn anything you want. For example there are quality pages about education stuff on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Where you can learn about any feild you are concerned with in life.

There are numerous things about dictionary, grammer, speakings, translations on social apps where you can improve your communication skills.

So, it has become a very much useful need everywhere in life. Social media is full of advantages if one can use it in a proper way.

Bad Effects of Social Media:

Social media in these modern times has numerous disadvantages & alot of bad effects which has highly affected our new generation.

Most people make negative use of it by accessing some filthy sites on internet.

Societies arround the world are sliding downward morally & ethically by the negative use of social apps & sites.

How to Stop Negative Use of Social Media?

  • Social Campaigns needs to be run.
  • Awareness should need to be spread in societies.
  • Illeagal, filthy & negative sites should need to be banned on country level.
  • Unmature Childrens should not be allowed smart phones or internet services in homes.
  • Voices should need to be raised in colleges, schools, universities & other organizations.


Social media is a platform which has both good & bad qualities. It depends on users, how they join, what they join, which sites or apps they use.
Social media can immensly enhance your knowledge & learnings about daily updates, news, education, business, health, social networkings, environments & many much more fields of Life.

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