Education or Experience: Which one is more Important ?

If you’re entering the world of work (Practicle Life) or thinking about a career change, you might be wondering if experience is more important than a degree, or vice versa.

Which one is more important?

Let’s take a look.


When we are reading in schools teachers always says that get education, study more so that you can be successful tomorrow.

Similarly the same are told to us when we step to college level, Similarly the same again are told with a little bit of addition of that concerned field you'll be going onward foe jobs into companies at the university.

They always tell us to get a degree, get higher education you'll get a good job here and there.

You'll definitely get a good job, but that will not be permanent, you will not be spending a happy life, you'll face distresses, accidents, bad times which will compels you sometimes to leave the job.

Then what will you do ?
how will you support your family at that time ?

You'll have simply no money, You'll wait for salary, or you'll borrow it from someone if some bad incident happens, Then no degree will come to help you at that time.

But after all we can say that its good to get education & get a good job or rank somewhere. Many people are attracted by this.


Here a people who are entrepreneur sor businessman will tell you that experience is everything, learn skills at work for some time and then grow it into your business life.

He'll tell you that education has nothing to do with success.

He'll simply ask you for starting some small work, for learning some small skill (rather than reading bundles of books & getting degrees) & then transform those small skills & work into grown up business.

This is how you'll get experienced when you'll pass through stages in business, when you'll face different markets. That's how you'll make more money and will build a good life. You'll learn many real life lessons which educations are unable to teach you.

Here if any incidents happens you'll have money anytime, you'll not wait for monthly salary, you'll not be indebted to anyone, you'll be independent, you'll have money from different sources of your business, If one place faces any disorder in business than income from other source will be safe, which will help you any time in Life.


So people would say both are right at their own place, but i am on side of experience, because it is everything it helps you always in different ways as discussed above.

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