6 Ethics of life | Ethical Dilemma | Types Of Ethics

Here are some of the most important ethics in life one should know about;

1 Believe:

Before you pray Believe.

This is the first & foremost ethic of life.

You are given a precious life by God.

You should have to believe in God, that he would change your hard times or tough situations & will help you anywhere in life.

When you believe, God will respond to your call & will bless you with what good you want in life.

All what God tests you through hard times that whether you betray from him or you remain strong & in touch with Him.

2 Listen:

Before you speak Listen.

Before you start your reply in conversation with any one in life, you should have to first carefully listen what the second person speaks.

Listen with cool mind & never reply before other person complete his talk.

Never come in anger, you'll don't even understand what you'll say at time of anger. So take control on your anger.

3 Earn:

Before you spend Earn.

If you want to start your business & you don't have money than how will you invest.

Its a good ethic to earn first when you have enough money than start the business of your own. 

You will spend when you will have some money.

4 Think:

Before you write Think.

This is an important ethic to have in life.

You will never write good if you don't think about your content.

If you are going to have no knowledge of what you want to write, than it is difficult to write about it.

First you should study & think with you full focus on the content you want to write about. Than you'll write good.

5 Try:

Before you quit Try.

This is a basic ethic in life. if you want to prosper & get success in any field of life.

You should try your level in that field.

You should not get easily demoralized & quit.

You should give your 100% in your training, practice or try for your work.

If you try well, you'll never quit.

6 Live:

Before you die Live.

This ethic is heavy in all of other discussed above.

If you don't have life, you will never act on other ethics.

So first live the important life you are blessed by God with.

Make happiness, belief, determination, Strong will, the pillars of your life.

• Live to the fullest & don't allow disappointments & temporary bad days ruin your precious life.

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