Co Education in Pakistan

Co Education is mixed gender education in which males & females educate together.

Co education is a way in which the genders (male, female) get equal amount of stuff, share their views, experiences & understandings together.


This system was first introduced in switzerland, later on spread to europian & american countries. Nowadays it has been spread to almost all over the world.

Co Education in Pakistan:

Many of the private & governament educational institutions in pakistan have applied co education system.

One may not agree what i share in this blog but its a reality & clear crystal truth.

As Pakistan is an Islamic repuclic country, was founded in the name of Allah Almight "لا الہ اللہ" 

Islamic country should follow Islamic teachings & Should run its institutions based on islamic teachings and course of conduct, as we have forgotten our religon & our beloved Prophet (PBUH) teachings.

As pakistani we do not disagree with the advantages for both genders, but we can strongly disagree & we can never accept the disadvantages we face from this system. 

Here you will know that if we should adopt such educational system or not...

1 Advantages of Co education:

• It provide Combined learning environment.

• Views & experiences are shared equally.

• Both male & female get equal education.

• A healthy compitition.

There should be many more but question is whether we are following way of Allah (SWT) or not.

2 Disadvantages of Co Education:

Dis advantages basically includes the bad effects on our society, generations & culture.

Bad Effects of Co Education:

Co education promotes immoral relations between the two genders. As there is openess provided without having any rules regulations.

Which is a totally against islam & is a total disobedience of what Almighty Allah has commanded us in Holy Quran.

• This system is against our Islamic traditions, As it enables the genders to came close enough that they develop so called emotional & filthy relationships.

While Islam has never told us about any such open relationship between genders.

• This system has completly diverted the focus of new generation from studying to filthy relationships.

• It promotes & encourage the concept of females to be uncovered. Which is such a matter of  disrespect to our traditions.

While Almighty Allah has commanded females to be fully covered in their dress. They should observe "حیاء" Parda.

• In pakistan, Co education institutions females are not observing "Parda" & in the same way Males have forgotten how to act before a female. Which is ecouraging lack of ethics in youth.

• Parents send their childrens for education to an institution & forget what their childrens are basically doing there? 

Parents dont look after them & they take part in characterless immoral relations.

Opinion on Co Education:

The first thing is that Co education system do not meet our Islamic traditions.

• If someone say there should be co education, than it should be in proper circle of islam, you will implement proper rules, there should be separate classes or teachings system in institution & Parda should be observed. As we are living as muslim in an islamic country.

• You should not forget the teachings of Holy Prophet & Islam.

• There are many "hadiths" the sayings of Prophet (PBUH) & commands of Allah (SWT) in Quran about the concept of males & females.

• Any kind of institution in pakistan where males & females interects. Should implement islamic rules & teachings.

• Co educational Institutions should focus on islamic teachings like "حیاء" Parda in genders & should avoid implementing westren concepts.

• Its a major responsibility of Governament that they should provide separate educational institutions for Females & should eradicate Co Education system.

Conclusion of Co Education:

All we need to realize that we are muslims & we should not accept any system which can be a way of betrayel from Islamic Principles & Quran.

We should implement islamic rules & regulations in our life & societies, We should promote islamic culture to make Pakistan the country which its Founders dreamt of to be & the country which was founded on the Holy name of Allah (SWT).

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