Boss vs Leader

Boss vs Leader

The Boss and The Leader are two completely opposite roles found in a Organization, society, nation or a country.

The Boss role is actually i calls a villain while that of a Leader is a Heroic.

But how ?

What is the Difference Between Boss & Leader?:

Here are some of the main differences between Leader & a Boss.

1 What is a BOSS?

Here are some of the characteristics of a Boss,

a Demands:

• This character always demands about things, He never has ability to produce something of his own effort or struggle.

• Always says Go, always tells people or employees to do a certain work.

• This role always make use of power to take controls.

b Relies on Authority:

• A Boss relies on his authority, He is nothing if he not in charge.

• Boss cannot lead people, he just make use of its authority to maintain his presence & power.

c Says "I":

• This character always says "I", means i am everything & everything belongs to me.

• He makes wealth for just himself, he does not values employees.

• He lives in his pride of authority & power.

• Do not care about anyone except his own self.

d Uses People:

• A boss uses people to makes himself stronger.

• He takes work out of people & do not provide attention to their needs & facilities in organization.

• He makes his empire through poor people's money or his employees money.

• A boss transfers burdens on employees or people of a society, rather than contributing himself.

e My way is the Only Way:

• As discussed above a Boss always says 'i am every thing' & 'my way is the only way'.

• A Boss prefer to build its power, wealth, as much as he finds opportunities.

• He compels people to come on his way in order to protect his power & money making sources.

2 What is a Leader?

Here are some characteristic of a positive & useful character a Leader.

a Coaches:

• A leader has a vision, A leader without a vision is not a leader.

• He always coaches & leads his people, employees according to his vision. 

• Don't say 'Go' Always say 'Lets Go' 

• Always share his experiences & teaches through his life lessons.

• Peoples or employees welfare is a priority for a leader.

b Relies on Good Will:

• A leader is always born with a good inner will.

• He doesn't relies on his power or authority in an organization or in a business.

• A Leader will always be honest to his cause to his work & to his people.

• He gives his good will a priority as reliance.

• This is a unique quality of leader, it is not usually found in common people.

c Says We:

• This character always thinks of its people.

• He leads people by making them one unit in country or organizational level.

• A leader never thinks of himself. He prefer to make sacrifices for his countrymen or teammates.

• He always comes with a vision to serve its countrymen or its people.

• This quality mainly differentiate a leader from a boss & makes it a heroic character.

d Develops People:

• A leader do not uses its people but he always prefer to develop his people.

• He develops morals, education & ethics in employees or people.

• He develops his people through his vision by making investments in them which brings prosperity & development in their lives.

• A leader keep a unique mindset & focus towards the development of his country or nation.

e Unity is Strength:

• A leader has quality of leading from front. He don't say "My way is only way" but he prefers to bring unity in people & make a one strong unit.

• One one hand boss divide the people or employees.

• On the other hand a Leader invite them to unity & motivates them to be strengthen as one nation or one country.

A Brief Overview about Boss & Leader:

• Boss and Leader are the two characters founds in an organization, a society or nation or country. 

• A Boss do not make contributions to  organization society or nation, while a Leader always do So.

• A Boss has no quality of leading, While a Leader leads is every kind of situation.

• A Boss Prefers himself, A Leader prefers his people/employees.

• A Boss depends on his authority & Leader depends on his people.

• To me A Boss is a villain & A Leader is Hero in any field of Life.

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