Be Part of Something Bigger

     Being part of something bigger means your spiritual connection & your beliefs in God.

This is the most important Step and a great habit for having happiness in life.

How to be part of something Bigger?

The first thing is that you must allow yourself to have faith in Something bigger.

• Find and do believe in whatever type of religion fits your traditions and culture.

• Being part of something bigger is basically referred to religious things, which means any type of religion you belong to, you should believe in God.

• In any kind of conditions, be thankful to God, ask for his mercy & blessings.

• Whatever you ask God, he listens to you & gives you. May be not at the required time but he never disappointing you, God always has best planes for you. He'll give you from where you would'be never imagined It.

• All it require is to be connected to God & To have belief in God. Hard times will come for your test, but never to lose hope, Always belief. That is what God loves.

• Remember its a personal experience of me, whenever you attach yourself or starting to have great belief & love with God, your life changes completely.

• Even God changes the worst conditions of your life into blessed ones. That you would have never imagined.

• Everything you do, you'll find happiness every where in your life, There will be no burdens at all, you'll be blessed.

• Make a strong spiritual relationship with God & Believe bigger.

• Make happiness the foundation of your life, because of it success will come more easier to you in any field.

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