The Power and Mercy of Allah (SWT)

It's a heart touching & a real life story which shows the love & power of Almighty Allah.

A Sheikh of Saudi Arabia mentioned this that there was a doctor who visited him from Pakistan & told me a story which happened to him.

He says i am a doctor (Neurologist), one of the top doctor in Pakistan & a very hard to meet, Its said that you have wait months, make appointments or take time before you meet him.

So he says, that he was flying from one city to another and suddenly the clouds built & lightening starts striking hard, it started raining & one of the engine was struck & it was damaged, so we had to land. 

The landing was at a little airport or a little strip way, when we landed it was a remote area. There was no one except a few people, So they wanted to repair engine, but every one there was surprised.

He asked the captain, how long will it take, The captain said it should take a long time. He said i have to get to the area as soon as possible. Captain said why don't you go through road via a vehicle or so.

So he decided to go through taxi as he progressed the clouds build up more heavier this time & it was pouring so much & the vehicle doesn't move because of mud.

It was an open area looking like a farm land, The doctor saw a little house there & decided to reach there & pray salah or have some meal. He get there as knocked the door having his little bag or anything so in hands.

He found an old women & told her everything that happened to him on the way, She said no problem you can come in. She had a little child on the side.

She is sitting on Musala (Prayer place) & checking her child after each while. The doctor offered prayer took a bit of rest.

when he was about to leave, he told the old lady "Thank you very much" he said i'm leaving but whats happening to this child. The women said this child is an orphan & is not well, not at all, very sick...

We've been to all the doctors around, i am grandmother of the child, The doctors have told us that there is only one specialist around who can help this child. we tried to make an appointment but they asked us to come 6 months later. And that so far away.

Ever since that day i am making dua to Allah, That Allah make it easy for us...

So then he asked her, What's the name of that specialist?

So she said he is doctor ISHAN.

As listening to this he straight away bursts into tears...

Women said why are you crying?

The doctors says "Your dua (Prayers) has just been answered".

For your Dua (Prayers) The thunder came, the lightening came, the engine struck, We came down on road. Again the rain came & stopped us and so On...

The rain only stopped after the question was asked.

Now the women starts crying listening to all this story...

The doctor said i have learned that Allah armies are always beyond limits, Allah uses whatever he wants to get.

SubhanAllah, It brings tears to the eyes. Every one of us has needs for Allah. Just keep calling & have a strong belief, If it is meant it will definitely comes in your direction.

By the mercy & power of Allah (SWT) anything can happens.

May Allah (SWT) bless us All, May he make us firm believers.

Lesson from the Story:

In this story Allah (SWT) actually teaches us that no matter how hard life gets, you should always have believe in him, you should continue to pray.

Allah is the most merciful & the most beneficient. He never dissapoints his believers.

The prayers of the one who prays & believe in Allah are never wasted & comes back in unexpected ways to him from Almighty Allah (SWT).

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