A Conceptual Difference Between Rich, Middle Class and Poor

A Conceptual Difference Between Rich, Middle Class & Poor.

In our societies financially we normally found three classes of people.
Rich, Middle class & Poor.

Here is a conceptual difference between these three classes which should need to be understood.

Why Rich Gets Richer?

 Rich people gets richer day by day as they have focus on their assets.

As much their assets increases so does their income grows. They are both directly proportional. This chart increase in case of rich.

Also there two other terms know as Expenses & Liabilities. In case of rich people, their expenses & liabilities chart goes down which make them rich wealthy.

Therefore here the Expenses & Liabilities are Inverse in relation to the Assets & Income.

Why Middle Class Struggles? 

The middle class always remains in struggle as their income in completely used in Liabilities and Expenses throughout.

Here the Income comes and the Expenses chart grows so does that of liabilities.

Middle class rarely have assets. Here Income, liabilities & expenses are proportional. One goes up the other itself produce its requirement.

This is the reason why middle class always struggle financially.

Why Poor Gets Poorer?

The poor remains poor because as much of their income comes all is used in the expenses.

Sometimes even they don't have sufficient income to support their expenses, so why they remains more poorer.

They don't have any sort of liabilities or assets.

So these were the different stages we found financially in our societies.

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