Sadeness and happiness are the two opposite emotions which circulates in life of every human being.

Human beings feels sadeness because of loved ones, fear, hunger, poverty, stresses, household burdens, family issues, income unstability & many more reasons.

To overcome sadeness in life there are many ways but here are some of the effective ways according to the teachings of Quran & Sunnah.

1 Sadeness is a Test:

We should understand that the sadeness is a test.

Allah says in Quran that "He will test us whether through fear, hunger, poverty, losing loved ones",

If we remain patient in those conditions Allah will bestow his blessings & mercy upon us.

• Due to such blessings the sadeness eventually eradicates & it opens the doors of prosperity in life.

2 Let go of Fear:

Allah says repeatedly in Quran "not to fear the creations", means dont be afraid of people arround, "but to rather fear God alone".

As undoubtly "Allah alone is sufficient for us & He alone is the disposer of all affairs".

• A person becomes free when he only fear his God, Happiness comes in life & the burdens or stresses of sadeness are removed.

3 See good in Everything:

Prophet (SAW) taught us that the affairs of a believer is always good, 

"if he shows gratitude while experiencing delight".

"if he shows patience while experiencing Hardships".

In both cases he is rewarded by Allah (SWT).

• When you see good aspect of every thing in life, It is obvious that you'll be happy, There will be no burdens on you.

4 Be Grateful:

To be grateful for what you have.

Regardeless of the situation we are in, we shall always thanks Almight Allah for what we already have.

There can be many things which you will be enjoying life by eg, life, health, physique, brain, heart, money, food, shelter, fame etc.

Others may not have some of these. So if we have a life which is everything, a great blessing of all. We should thank Allah (SWT) as much as we can.

As Allah says in Quran,

"If you are thankful I shall cettainly increase my blessings on you, If you are ungrateful theny torment is surely severe".

• When you are grateful for things you have, sadeness escapes & happiness enters in abundance.


We all face hard times, burdens, stresses, sadeness, failures & losses in life. Only those who face all these situations with patience & strong belief in himself and God truely leads a happy Life.

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