Here are some of the most important rules i want to discuss, to achieve success in any field of life.

1 Develop Your Strenght;
To become successful in life, you have to face resistance.

No one have ever achieved anything without facing resistance, dissapointments, bad days.

To achieve anything in life you have to be prepared to take on the odds & dissapointments.

But all of us cannot realise that the Almighty have given us tremendous strenght which lies within us, you only discover that strenght when you put yourself against challenges in life.

If you dont face resistance that strenght lies dorment within you.

The moment you take on challenges, you'll start discovering it. So you'll never discover that strenght if you dont put yourself in front of challenges.

2 Analyze your Mistakes;
When ever you face failure in life, it provide you oppurtunity to analyze what you have mistaken, what you did wrong ? did'nt you worked hard ? should you have practiced more ? did'nt you used your brain ? did you go wrong with your skills ?

A successful person always is one who identifies his mistakes & then correct his mistakes by working hard, practicing more.

Then he stand out much stronger, Thats how you become successful.

He learn by getting a hit off & is not afraid of losing,

Failure never demotivates him.

Failure is the key to success each failure teaches you something.

* "(You only lose, when you give up)"
* "(Failure is the condiment that gives success in flavor)"

3 Believe In Yourself;
In life anything you do, you have to believe that you are going to succeed, you should'nt think what if i dont succeed ? because the belief is something which empowers your soul capabilities & strenght.

Once you started believing in you strenghts, your dreams, you'll achieve anything in life, you'll become unstoppable, you'll get whatever you want.

You should'nt give up, you should always stand after failure and move on by believing not demoralizing.

Thats how you steps up towards successes in life.

* "(Believing in yourself is the secret to success)"

4 Never Give Up:

When you give up on something it means you don't want it.

Not giving up on your goals & dreams is the most important step to achieve success in any area of life.

You should develop the strenght and the ability in yourself to rise after falling, to learn from failure, to pass after fail, to live before you die & to strive back much stronger & dont give up.


To be successful in life, self belief, hard work, learnings from mistakes, nit giving up are the most necessary things you should develop in yourself.

"You'll never get success, if you dont want success as much bad as you want to breath".

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