The modern day society has become much more developed compare to olden days societies.

The idea which get me to the point to share views on modern day parents & their child is about marvelous changes & inventions that has been brought up in the lives of people now a day.

• Today if we look at life, It has become so technological, modern, facilitated & much more advanced. Eveything we need is on the door step, even it has reached to just finger tip click in the form of smart phones & computer technologies & Internet.

These modern day technologies has a produced a lot of both positive & negative impact on our new generation, Unluckily mostly the (negative impact).

• Now a days when a child born they are brang up by their parents with Internet, smart phones & social media as a tool for playing, watching or being a source to busy in, rather than sports, proper care, good learning environments, education, which effects the mentality & mindset of a child at the very small age & produce lake of interest for him in studies, plays & other healthy activities. It also produce a false appearance & approach in society.

• A child always learn from his parents, Today Parents itself have addiction of smart phones & social media activities. So we cant blame a child.

All is dependent on parents, What they choose for their childrens.

So its a big challenge for them how to tackle?

The more the child took interest in these modern tools the more he becomes unstoppable from doing it on daily basis.

• It has became a routine for childrens in our societies, They even dont eat food & cant study until you give them smart phone.
 So parents should'nt provide their child with such adcanced & effective tools.
If you do, then it should be for good purpose.

They may be used for good purpose as i mentioned a positive side regarding getting good study stuff from it. There is a sea of knowlegde in internet.

It has also become a great source of learning. One can learn & get anything from internet today.

• So, Dear parents life has become so advanced & facilitated, make a good & advantageable use of modern day inventions (rather than wasting it & using as disadvantage) for the well being & bright future of your child.

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